Small Business

nedd help with your new bootstrap venture or full blown business?

Having the right people on your side could be the difference in scaling your business earlier than scheduled or just flat out losing money. Let us help you get the right people to help your business grow. We have teams that specialize in the services below.

how it works

choose a service

Pick from any of the services below. As we can see we offer graphic design, animation and video creation and small business. 

order the service

Pick the exact type of service you would like, fill out the form with the details and files you want to send to us. After that submit your order.

purchase via online payment

Check your cart and when everything is right. Go ahead and click on the purchase button. We accept payments through Paypal.

receive Product

After purchasing your order, please wait for the allotted timeframe given for the order. You will receive an email when the products is completed.

data entry

Let our team take care of your repetitive data processing tasks and get accurate results when we are done with the task.

virtual assistant

We have seasoned virtual assistants to assist you in your next boot strap venture or full blown business.

cold caller lead gen

We have well trained cold caller that will get you that new client or sale from the date and permatiers you give us.

customer service

We outsorce all hires only from the leading country that specializes in customer service, so you will be assured the best service for your clients.