8 Proven Methods: On how to monetize your blog website

Looking to monetize your blog website, but don’t know how to?

While there are thousands of ways to monetize your blog, there are actually just eight methods that come up time after time in all the lists and this caters to the general public of blogger ranging from beginners to experts.

In this Beginners Guide on how to monetize your blog website we will go over the eight methods of monetization to help you create a strong foundation on making solid passive money making machine in the future if done correctly.

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog


When we talk about Advertisement, its a range of advertising agencies such as Google Adsense, Media.net, Adversal, Infolinks, etc. These companies run (PPC) pay-per-click campaigns and are generally a great way to make money from your blog.

On average for you to make a profit your site needs to have more or less 10,000+ visitors per day or more depending on the advertiser and niche you’re in. But when you cross the 100,000+ visitors per day, you cross a larger income bracket.

To get your feet wet with Ads, we suggest you try out Google Adsense and when you get the hang of that and understand how to analyze the results, you can then branch out to other advertisers and see the difference in commission. You could also try negotiating with the Ad Agency for a higher commission as long as it’s justified.

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog

Affiliate marketing

There are thousands of Affiliate Programs and Networks to choose from that cater to a range of niches. It’s the most popular methods for monetizing a blog and people with a website have leveraged affiliate marketing for years.

Because you don’t yet have your own items or services to offer, this approach is especially beneficial when you’re just starting out and attempting to make money online. All you have to do is develop content that will eventually be in sync with any affiliate offers you intend to mention or blog about.

For example, if you’re running a motivation blog, you can easily sell motivational programs, how to gain confidence or how to set goals. Since the content is already attracting people that are interested in motivation, selling these items allows you to establish an almost automatic source of passive income.

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog

Sell Ebooks

Ebooks are a reasonably simple option to monetize your site. Create an ebook that corresponds to the content of your blog. How to guides are quite easy to make, and if you’re teaching a skill that many people struggle with, the ebook is likely to generate a solid profit.

You may simply market your ebook through your blog by generating appealing material that draws readers in and then tempting them with your ebook. You might also create a sales funnel, which is a phrase used in internet marketing to describe an automated multi-step sales machine, and sell your ebook on autopilot.

If you don’t have the skill or know how to write your EBook you can always outsource this task through platforms like Fiverr.com

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog

Email marketing

Direct email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money from your blog. However, in order to be successful, you must first develop your list.

Whether you’re promoting blog updates or creating a lead magnet, use one of the more popular email marketing platforms, such as GetResponse, Aweber, or Mailchimp, to set up the tools you’ll need to start marketing via email.

By establishing a strong link and connection with your readers, you may easily make a substantial amount of money by promoting your own products and services as well as affiliate offers directly through email. 

This is actually one of the starting points of your sales funnel, so sending emails about digital products for the same prices as a subscription isn’t too farfetched.

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog

Sell digital products

Creating digital items is an excellent method to monetize your site. As long as it complements your content, you may effectively sell any sort of digital information product on your blog. You may create a webinar to advertise your product and offer it via a member’s area or other downloadable way.

Digital goods might include anything downloadable such as Ebooks, Video Guides, Courses, Music, PDF files, etc. Make an effort to develop something that fills a need or a vacuum. Don’t second-guess yourself because you’d be amazed how much money you can make selling digital items on your site.

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog

Sell courses

Another option to make money from blogging is to sell digital online courses. Create intuitive and useful courses that bring a huge amount of value, and the rest will be easy. By pouring your heart and soul into these courses, you can simply let them sell on autopilot for you, which is another excellent way to generate passive revenue.

Courses are excellent for learning technical skills such as web development, digital marketing, graphic design, and so on. They do, however, work in forms such as finance, stocks, currency investment, and accountancy. Find out what you’re truly good at and conduct your research before launching your course. Then I’ll create something considerably superior to the other courses available.

Udemy is a great platform to start with in creating a course, you can simply sign up and create free courses and paid ones. In your blog you can refer to your course with a link.

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog

Offer Services

Consider adding Services as a way to monetize your blog website. While it does seem like services are infiltrating every aspect of the market these days, services through your blog can definitely be a lucrative prospect. Whether you set up a as video editor, photo editor, data processer, ghost writing you can earn a significant income through just a handful of clients.

Decide on a price packages for your services, and do your best to ensure that you clearly communicate with your client to produce the right outcome. Customers tend to abandon the purchase process when it’s too complicated, so make it as easy as possible for your potential clients to make an service order through your site.

Selling AD space

Selling Ad Space is a great way to make money from your blog, but you need the traffic if you’re going to sell it for a significant amount of money. Relatively the same concept as the first method of adding Advertisement to your site to monetize it here we are talking about private individuals such as local business or relevant companies in your niche and some time individuals that would like to tap into your audience.

This method is great because you can actually control what ads are shown or pops up on your website pages. Since it is your website, you can set the price range of the banners in certain locations of your pages and time frames on how long they will be displayed.

8 Proven Methods on How to Monetize your Blog


Implementing and integrating all eight methods in your website will create an unstoppable online money machine. You just have to work hard now and let the system work and pay you passively in the future. Although, you do have the option to run these methods individually but you will see better results if all eight methods are present and working together in your website.

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