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You know the saying “better now than never” or “sooner than later”? Well that’s exactly how was conceived, the founder Jose DeLeon has always had a passion for making websites, affiliate marketing and marketing itself but could never take that step in going full time. So in 3Q of 2021 he finally to the plunge and bought a domain, hosted it, and slowly worked on it through the year.

He knew next to nothing about social media or marketing in general. He has seen watched countless videos, attended bootcamps, bought courses. He had some success but it was nothing to brag about. What he learned about going through all that was. With the right information and with the right software, anyone can make a big difference and possible change their life forever.

Our missing in DIY Online Marketers is to give the average person the knowledge, step by step guide, tools, and mindset they need to start with online marketing, so they can do it themselves for their business or personal reasons. We try to create easily digestible and informative content as much as we can every week on How To:, Beginners Guides, and Step-By-Step to make you a marketing rock star.

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