15 Profitable Evergreen Niche For Blogging

profitable evergreen niches

In this post, we will go through 15 profitable evergreen niches for blogging, as well as which niches may be started right away. Blogging as a career has grown in popularity in recent years.

But, like with any other career, new bloggers have several questions, the most significant of which is – which niche should I pick and will it be successful?  That’s why we made this list so you’ll have a better over view on what’s the most profitable niche to get into.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

What is Blogging?

Websites that give information in the digital environment are referred to as blogs. Blogs are often written in colloquial language with the primary goal of conveying the idea that the writer is attempting to express.

Blogging, then, refers to the act of keeping an online diary or an informational website for others to read, with the posts presented in such a way that the most recent ones show at the top.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is the overarching theme of your blog or the issue around which all of your material will be based. You may find out what your blog niche is by asking a simple question: “What should my blog be about?”

This is a crucial question for any prospective blogger since it may make or destroy their blogging career. Even if simply going with the flow and writing on whatever strikes one’s fancy is an option, it is not a long-term viable choice.

This is due to the fact that if you want to create a career in this sector, you’ll need to focus on one topic and establish yourself as an expert in it in order to generate an income. It will also offer your readers a good sense of what they may anticipate from you.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

How Do You Pick a Niche?

While establishing your specialty isn’t exactly rocket science, it’s an important choice for every prospective blogger. Concentrate on the following three aspects to help simplify the process:

  • Your enthusiasm for the subject
  • Whether other individuals are also excited about that subject.
  • If it has the potential to create money in the long run, it should be explored.

Choosing a Profitable Evergreen Niche does not guarantee that you will become wealthy or have a large number of views the moment you publish it. It takes time and effort to see development on your page. While it is easier said than done, you must be certain that you will be able to produce 8-10 posts each month, or whatever frequency you choose. As a result, you should finish up with at least 120 posts every year.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

What does evergreen content mean?

In terms of a topic or issue, evergreen content is information that has remained relevant long after its release and will continue to be relevant in the coming years. Some individuals look for evergreen themes year after year.

As all alternatives are exhausted, it becomes more difficult to generate new material, which is why selecting the right blog niche is critical and should not be taken lightly. Make sure to conduct as much research as possible before deciding on one.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

Fitness and Heath

In this day and age, health and wellness are hot issues, especially as obesity becomes more prevalent. You are interested in the subject or have an experience to offer, and you believe that blogging is the best method to express yourself.

But before you begin, you should evaluate all of the important factors of health blogging and blogging in general in order to determine whether you can do it and whether the effort you want and need to put into it is worthwhile

There are several sub-niches

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


This is a rapidly growing market in recent years. Open any newspaper and you’ll see why it’s not going away anytime soon. There are several options for an internet company, whether it be tools, meals, or field guides.

There has be a steady growth of people that have been starting to prepare for WSHTF, and this can range from UFO Invasion, Civil War, Terrorist Attack, Natural Disaster and even a Zombie Attack. As you can imagine this niche has a huge of potential and is worth considering.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

Beauty and Wellness

We have been in the midst of innovation and progression in the Beauty and Wellness sector.  Beauty and Wellness is one of the essential component of the human persona and thats why the industry brings in Billions of dollars in revenue.

This is precisely why I highlight the majority of beauty blogs. If you are interested in beautification and have some expertise in the beauty industry, you should create a beauty blog and capitalize on the possibilities.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


Parenting is a lucrative topic and one of the most popular blogs that new bloggers may launch. Consider this: there are whole stores dedicated to babies and children.

There are also hundreds of thousands of goods designed just for parents. Many first-time parents, as well as those who are already parents, seek guidance on the internet. Such blogs are intended to help them.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Do you like to decorate and renovate your home? Perhaps you’ve gone a step farther and completely remodeled or rebuilt your house. There are many DIY blogs out there, and if you love writing tutorials and “how-to” pieces, this is a fantastic form of blogging to explore. DIYs make people’s life easier, which is why they are a popular option. There are several things to select from, ranging from furniture assembly to garden care to everything and everything.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

Cooking / Food

People are always looking for the ideal recipe for their favorite foods, and additional areas that may be explored include food reviews and introductions to other cuisines.

This can also be subdivided into a sub-niche and a micro niche, such as specific types of cuisine, regional dishes, food trucks, etc. You can see the potential is pretty much endless here, why do you think there’s so many cookbooks?

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

Dog Training

Every day, hundreds of people adopt dogs and need some type of assistance in  learning to train them. The pet industry is a multi-million dollar niche, and there is lots of opportunity for affiliate sites to assist new pet owners, and you’ll make plenty of money while you’re offering advice. This niche also gives you to go into sub-niches such as bread type, K-9 training, etc.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


This niche generally cover topics such as business growth, leadership skills, how to bootstrap your business, self employment and follow the trends of different industries, and can cover even more as you do research, you’ll find endless things to write about.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

Online Income

This is one of the most searched online niche for several years and has seen a surge of international traffic at the start of 2020. The make money online or the online income niche frequently has new strategies and hacks as well as products.

While it’s not the ideal starting point for a newbie, it’s a great evergreen niche for a seasoned marketer who’s ready to create a solid source of sustainable income.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


Everyone should have a particular someone, and the dating market is huge. Its search traffic may be more difficult to get, but its social media potential is enormous.

There are various dating sites, CPA offers, and educational goods to assist your readers discover love, friendship, and companionship if you want to get started in the dating area.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


This niche is one subject that will never die out through the years. Everyone needs advice or seeks some type of confirmation from someone about their relationship situation. This can draw several page views for your site and can create other avenues of income for you in the future as well. Such as ebooks, Affiliate offers, etc.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


The travel niche is especially popular since people love travel stories you can describe and include pictures of different tourist spots and include your suggestions.

This can be broken down several categories, such luxury hotels, cheap hotels, most affordable places to visit, etc. You can’t go wrong with travel if you love it.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


As everything has gone digital in the past years since the pandemic, people are turning to online apps for their everyday needs, such a food delivery, subscriptions, etc.

This niche can dive into several avenues as well and doesn’t need to stick to just one category. You can dive into the deep end of AI, ML (Machine Learning), quantum processor and such.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


This specific niche has exploded in the past few years with more and more live competitions and introduction to live streaming through several platforms both online and off-line.

Not to mention the long list of games that has released and that are waiting to be released. There are several sub-niches and micro niches to be explored here for maximum profitability.

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging

Work From Home and Freelancing

This type of niche isn’t new, for several years Digital Nomads or Freelancers have been working in the comfort of their own homes or traveling to other countries will they make a living online.

The number of people WFH have sky rocketed in the past years and will continue to do so now that more tech companies have made it easier for them to work remotely and still be productive as if they were in the office. 

15 Profitable Evergreen Niche for Blogging


If you’re considering becoming a blogger, which you most likely are because you’re reading this, you’re aware that you’ll be spending a significant  amount of time and energy writing blogs.

Because you’ll be investing so much on this endeavor, it’s  important that you make the right decision. As a result, before making this decision, conduct research and learning as much as possible.

If this list doesn’t help you to choose what niche you want, you should really check out our sub-niche article we made that could possible narrow down your niche list.

When you’re ready to pull the trigger, I made a Beginners Guide on how to make a blog website from scratch.