10 powerful tips to optimize your blog post with SEO

Easy Tips to Optimize Your Blog Post with SEO.

Are the articles you post optimized to rank? Some think they might be, but when they check on their SEO score shows that it’s not even in the green. That just means you need to take a look at your article and pay close attention to these 10 tips to optimize your blog post.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

1. Plan Your Content around Proper Keyword Research.

Many novices just write about things they believe their visitors would be interested in based on their best assumptions.

You don’t have to rely on educated assumptions, especially when keyword research may tell you precisely what your visitors are looking for.

Keyword research is a strategy employed by content authors and SEO professionals. Based on search engine statistics, it assists you in discovering subjects of interest to your customers.

These keywords may then be used to plan your content strategy. This ensures that you write about things that people are interested in, and it’s a wonderful method to come up with new blog post ideas.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

2. Utilize keywords throughout your post.

Once you’ve identified a few useful, relevant keywords, it’s critical to put them where they’ll have the greatest influence on people and search engine crawlers scanning your material. Try to include them into the following areas:

  • Title
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Introductory sentence
  • Concluding paragraph
  • Anchor text (text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site)
  • Title tags and meta descriptions

A word of caution: Avoid keyword stuffing, which is the practice of cramming your material with so many terms that it becomes difficult to read. This will not only upset your site readers, but it will also get you punished by Google. Strategically positioned keywords will do the trick.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

3. Optimize your images.

When uploading a photo to your blog, add keywords in the file name and fill out the “Alt text” section with a concise, keyword-rich description of the image.

Engaging material is frequently ranked higher in search results by search engines. Images and videos are considerably more visually appealing than simple text. You should include pictures between paragraphs in your blog articles.

When uploading photos, you should be mindful of image copyrights. Beginners frequently copy photos from other sites to use on their own, which might get you in legal problems if done without necessary rights.

You can find stock images and movies on Pexel.com and Unsplash.com, and you can even simply modify photos on Canva

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

4. Make Internal Linking a Habit.

After you’ve been blogging for a time, you’ll have enough content that you’d like users to read. You may direct new readers to earlier related content by using internal linking.

Internal linking is an excellent approach to establish a contextual relationship between new and old postings. It also lets you transmit relevant link juice to previous content.

WordPress makes it simple to find past posts directly inside the post editor. Simply choose the text to be linked and then click the link button.

A text pop-up will display underneath the words you’ve chosen. You can begin typing to find earlier articles to which you wish to link here. Making internal linking a habit will ensure that your on-page SEO is strong and that older content continue to receive fresh links.

Beginners frequently make the error of conducting one-way internal linking, in which they link to previous posts from fresh articles. For optimum value, you may and should go back and modify earlier posts to link to your new content.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

5. Optimize Older Blog Posts.

After they have published a blog article, many novices tend to forget about it. In reality, after your blog article is published, you haven’t finished optimizing it for SEO.

Promote it on social media — Share your blog article on all of your social media accounts. You may also automate this procedure by sharing your material using IFTTT. Uncomplicated way of cross posting automatically with all your social media platforms.

Add internal links — After you’ve published a piece, go back to similar older articles and provide a link to your new blog post.

This offers your fresh content internal links while also making it easier for users to find. We highly suggest that you optimize old content on a consistent basis in order to maintain your rankings.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

6. Use social media to increase the reach of your blog content.

You may be using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or other social media sites as a small company to communicate with new and present consumers. Why not advertise your blog material on these sites to gain further web exposure?

This will improve your SEO ranking in terms of backlinking. We discovered that posting hyperlinks with our posts on Quora and Medium was beneficial.

With a few clicks, free applications like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, Canvaand IFTTTmake it simple to share links to your most recent blog article across all of your social media platforms. You may even schedule your posts in advance!

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

7. Add Meta Description to Your Blog Post.

The meta description is a type of HTML meta tag that may be added to any page. Its goal is to give search engines and other crawlers with a brief summary of your content.

Some SEO experts feel that a page’s meta description tag has become obsolete. Many others, though, would disagree. You should use the meta description for all of your posts.

A decent meta description may provide a lot more information about an article. When your content are shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it is also shown.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

8. Make Your Articles Easier to Read.

Readability is an essential element that search engines take into account. Ones that are simpler to read frequently score better than articles that are difficult to read.

This is why the majority of people just skim over content. According to research, visitors spend less than a second deciding whether to stay on a page or depart. You have only a few seconds to persuade the user to stay and scroll.

You may make it easier for your users to skim a content by enhancing its readability. Shorter sentences, smaller paragraphs, punctuation, headers, and bulleted lists can all help to enhance readability. To make your text look better, put white space around it and utilize images.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

9. Aim to Be The Featured Snippet in The Search Result.

Google has been working hard to respond to user inquiries as fast as possible. They have introduced the featured result or answer box as part of this endeavor.

This is the highlighted search result at the top of the page. Google creates a bespoke snippet from the article’s text, emphasizing the section that their algorithms feel is the solution to the user’s inquiry.

According to Advanced Web Ranking study, answer boxes have a CTR of about 32.3 percent. As a result, they are crucial to your SEO strategy.

Google does not give any clear guidance on how they will select the highlighted snippet. Their advice is to enhance your content and ensure that it provides the information that users are looking for.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo

10. Allow readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog.

Include prominently positioned RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons and, if feasible, allow visitors to subscribe to your postings through email. This allows your blog readers to receive quick notifications of your latest articles without having to check your site for fresh content on a regular basis.

This also provides valuable information about your audience, allowing you to narrow down and target your promotional advertising to the proper visitors.

10 Tips to optimize your blog with seo


Hopefully these 10 tips will get you in the green for your next SEO update. As long as you keep a close eye on these tips and make it a habit every time you create a new article, you will be on your way to ranking in no time. 

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